General Information for Students

Important University Policies

  • You must have at least a 3.0 grade point average to continue in the Program.
  • The University has a seven-year rule as follows: All graduate credit offered for the degree must have been earned within seven (7) calendar years after the year of admission. For example, students entering in 2010 have until December 2017 to complete their degrees. The seven-year rule applies to transfer credit as well.
  • Nine hours is the maximum number of hours of transfer allowed for a degree (if you write a thesis, the maximum is six hours). Acceptance of transfer credit has to be approved by the Higher Education faculty before the Program of Study is submitted.
  • If you are not enrolled for consecutive fall and spring semesters, you must fill out a new data form with the Registrar when you re-enroll.
  • Faculty may assign a grade of "I"—Incomplete—when a student is unable to complete coursework at the end of the term because of illness or some other unavoidable cause. An incomplete is not given solely because assignments were not completed during the semester. An "I" becomes an "F" or "U" if not removed within the time designated by the instructor, not to exceed one semester. Students intending to graduate must clear all incomplete work prior to the first day of the next academic term, or they will not be able to graduate until the next term. 

Written Comprehensive Exams

You should take the Comprehensive Exam in your final semester. Students in the M.A. program will create a comprehensive academic and professional portfolio. Ed.S. students complete an in-depth review of scholarly literature on a topic of the student's choosing. The Exam is based on your entire Program of Study, not simply individual courses. Your task is to develop a scholarly, integrative product in which you apply or relate the theory and research from your courses to the problem you are addressing. The members of the Higher Education faculty review the exam and assign a grade of Pass or Fail. The Comprehensive Exam does not include an oral exam.


DegreeWorks ( is an online tool that the university supplies to help you and your advisor monitor your progress toward degree completion. Review the guide ( to become familiar with this tool that you should use at least once a semester.

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