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Journal of Developmental Education logoThe Journal of Developmental Education (JDE) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the generation and sharing of knowledge and ideas related to the postsecondary developmental education community.The JDE is published as a forum for educators and researchers concerned with the practice, theory, research, and news of the postsecondary developmental community.

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Winter 2021 (Volume 44, Issue 2)

Gateways, Not Gatekeepers: Reclaiming the Narrative for Developmental Education
By Barrie S. McGee, Jeanine L. WIlliams, Sonya L. Armstrong, and Jodie P. Holshuh

Study Plans Promote Daily Review
By Tara Diehl and Regina Bobak

Beyond Skill: Students' Dispositions Toward Math

By Wesley Maciejewski, Cristina Tortora, and John Bragelman

Supporting Excellence in Community Colleges: An Interview with Ed Leach

By Patti Levine- Brown, and Barbara J. Calderwood

Expanding Approaches for Research: Interpretive Biography

By Normal A. Stahl and James R. King

Universal Design for Learning: UDL in Online Environments: The WHAT of Learning

By Lillian Nave

Spring 2021 (Volume 44, Issue 3)

Addressing Flawed Research in Developmental Education

By Alexandros M. Goudas and Hunter R. Boylan

Effective Student Assessment and Placement: Challenges and Recommendations

By D. Patrick Saxon and Edward A. Morante

Investigating Academic Literacy Expectations: A Curriculum Audit Model

By Sonya L. Armstrong, Norman A. Stahl and M. Joanne Kantner

Cost of Developmental Education: An Update of Breneman and Haarlow

By Joshua Pretlow III and Heather D. Wathington

Expanding Approaches for Research: Researching with Students as Curriculum

By Norman A. Stahl and James R. King

Universal Design for Learning: UDL in Online Environments: The HOW of Learning

By Lillian Nave

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JDE readers include faculty members, administrative officers, academic officers, and many other professionals concerned with educating academically underprepared college students.

Content focuses on basic skills education and includes topics such as developmental writing, developmental mathematics, reading, writing, tutoring, assessment and placement, and program evaluation.